Trail Running Training
Personal Program
Allow the mountains to be closer
THE TRAIL training program provides qualified support, assistance in determining goals, a personal approach, analysis of running techniques for video recordings, equipment recommendations, interim testing, motivation and support, unique lectures, access to photo and video materials.
What you get
Dream - Target - Plan
Together with the coach you will determine the goals significant for yourself. Build a clear strategy for their achievement. Start their implementation.
Personal plan
Individual support. We take into account your state of health, training experience, rhythm of life.
Coach is here
With you throughout the way. Always in touch.
Access to closed chat, communication with people close in spirit. Participation in camps.
Online training allows for real-time communication between the coach and the client, and can be tailored to the individual's needs and goals. Additionally, online training can provide an efficient and cost-effective way to access personalized running coaching.
Sergey Shelkovoy
A leading coach and active athlete. Ultra marathoner, Salomon athlete and founder of the THE.TRAIL.SPACE community.
"Trail running is an opportunity to experience a whole new life. The mountains are its beautiful addition, making such a life more fulfilling. Running is a deep meditation, a practice of mindfulness that runs through this life. You enter a state of flow and feel yourself and your state in a special way, running through the mountains, forests, and lakes...."
• experience in trail running: 9 years
• experience in trail running: over 5 years
• specialties: trail running and skyrunning
• favorite trail distances: ultra marathons
• ITRA Performance Index is 707

A prize winner of the most difficult ultra race in Russia 2019 Salomon Wild Trail 125km, with a total elevation gain of 9850 meters
A multiple winner and prize winner of the TTS series races
A twice been a prize winner of Altai Ultra Trail 120km
Finisher of many elite and challenging world races from 100km to 100 miles with a total elevation gain of 8000-10000 meters, such as UTMB, UTLO, Mozart, Strubel, and The Jungle.
How it works
Initial questionnaire
You are filling out a health questionnaire, current physical condition, previous training experience and your occupation.
Online meeting (free)
After analyzing your questionnaire, an online meeting with the trainer (Telegram/Whatsapp/Zoom) is held to clarify details.
You pay for the chosen training program in a convenient way for you.
Initial plan
After payment, an initial training plan for the week is sent. This is necessary to test the proposed load in practice and adjust it if necessary.
Running Video Analysis
A detailed analysis of running technique, strength and endurance based on your video is carried out.
Weekly training plan
Based on the work done in a week, a plan for the next week is drawn up and so on.
Free consultation
Are you already running trails or just planning to? Do you need to develop your PI or understand how to prepare for your first ultra? Do you need special running exercises or is the main thing at this stage general physical preparation? A free consultation will help to set a goal and determine the further strategy of action.

Leave a request and the trainer will contact you.
  • Video analysis
    Detailed analysis of running technique, special running exercises and exercises based on your video
  • Library
    Access to video instructions and lectures. Access to books on running, technique, strategy, mental preparation and much more
  • Equipment
    Recommendations for choosing equipment. Assistance in purchasing sports clothing
  • Loyalty program
    Special offers from partners. Discounts for attracting friends. Discount on camp participation
One-time consultation
€ 15
• Detailed solution of one request
• Consultation on a specific race
• Psychological preparation for the start
• Help in determining the goal
• Checkup of equipment and checking the race strategy.
Trial week
€ 20
• Individual training plan for 1 week. Suitable for those who enjoy "testing period".
Do you want to the mountains?
Watch the video!
Tara Camp (Serbia)
April, 8-15
Hiking, cross-hiking, fun functional training, running technique, stretching, lectures, comfortable accommodation and like-minded people - a unique opportunity to enjoy the views of an incredibly beautiful Balkan spring and explore a beautiful national park.
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